Clarence Lee, RJC

Mr Wong is a knowledgeable teacher who is able to explain advanced concepts simply, making them easier to understand and remember. He also has a wealth of materials for practice, which includes his self-compiled chemistry prelim questions and A level questions. Tuition sessions with him are interesting and helpful, and have definitely enabled me to be better prepared for my exams scoring an A! Thank you, Mr Wong!

Justin, RJC

Mr Wong is very patient and takes time to clarify concepts whenever I had doubts. He also provided self-devised practices that targeted my weak topics. He provided answering techniques that helped greatly, allowing me to improve from a B to an A!

Najat, ACJC

I have never passed any of my school exam except the first one. I was never able to grasp Chemistry as it was taught in school. Mr Wong was able to clarify all of my doubts and made Chemistry simple for me to understand. He is very structured with his lesson plans and is on task. Moreover, he uses examples to illustrate key concepts, pointers for e.g. common mistakes, highlighted misconceptions and introduced tricky exam questions. Through these practices, I gained more confidence. I engaged Mr Wong’s service in August in J2. I sat for the GCE A exam in November and obtained a B – not a big deal for most people but to me, it was a feat. Mr Wong was able to help me achieve what I thought was impossible 3 months ago. Thank you, Mr Wong 🙂

Janelle, SRJC

My tuition experience with Mr Wong had been very enriching. Through the lessons, I managed to clear my doubts regarding Chemistry concepts. Mr Wong was a very patient teacher as he was always willing to explain the concepts repeatedly till we could understand them. I am thankful that he was very willing to arrive earlier or stay back after lessons, just so that we could have consultations with him to clear our doubts. The class atmosphere was also very conducive for learning as we were given time to discuss questions with our peers, thus encouraging a two-way learning attitude.

Shirlyn, YJC

Despite my slower learning pace, Mr Jacky Wong was patient in teaching me the various concepts. Many concepts were taught in a simple but precise manner that made learning easy and fun which allowed me to gain more interest in the subject and eventually do well in it.

Wan Xin, HCJC

Even though I had excelled in chemistry back in secondary school, I found myself struggling to understand the new chemistry concepts and topics within the first few months of JC. It didn’t help that lectures and tutorials were so fast paced that I could hardly keep up. Hence, I decided to enrol in chemistry tuition in J1. I was lucky I did, as it really helped me to get back on track. Mr Wong is an extremely patient teacher who will go to great lengths to help his students to understand the concepts, even if they are not necessarily tested in the syllabus. He would explain things to great depth, unlike school teachers who would not simply because it is not tested, and this helped me to understand concepts, rather than blindly memorise. He was always happy to answer my many questions, be it in person or over whatsapp or email. Thanks to his guidance, I was able to eventually excel in chemistry and achieve A at the A levels. Thank you Mr Wong!

Yogeswaran, AJC

I joined Mr Wong’s refresher classes in December 2015, after scoring dismal grades for Chemistry. Within just a few lessons, I managed to grasp the concepts I lacked easily due to Mr Wong’s simplified explanations. Throughout my tuition journey with him, he has supplemented students’ learning with a large amount of resources for practice which have caused a remarkable leap in my grades. He definitely ignites the passion within his students to put in their best and more for Chemistry. His patience while teaching made me more confident to voice my doubts during his lessons which aided in my revision. Overall, I would like to thank Mr Wong for his sincere dedication in making Chemistry appear more than just a pen and paper examination but more enjoyable.

Jocelyn, VJC

Mr Wong has been extremely patient as my chemistry tutor. Regardless of how many extra worksheets i asked, Mr wong was always willing to go to the extra mile to provide me with the best revision materials. For example, during the final laps of alevel revision, Mr wong would stay and tutor me 10-15mins after the allocated tuition time to ensure that I really understood the subject. Such dedicated tutors are hard to come by, Mr wong is truly a gem 🙂 I would definitely recommend him to tutor my juniors in the future. Thank you Mr wong 🙂

Desmond, VJC

Mr Wong is a great chemistry teacher who ensures that everyone fully understands concepts that are tested and even goes through possible questions that can be tested but are not taught in school. The revision lessons before A levels was a great help in preventing common mistakes committed in the exams and familiarising myself with the style of questions in the A levels. Mr Wong also provides consultations and makes himself available on whatsapp to clear our doubts. All this was instrumental in raising my grades from Es in school to an A in the A levels.

Valerie Lai, NYJC

The notes that are provided are very succinct and allow me to learn the important points for each chapter. The practice questions enable me to familiarize myself with different question types. Mr Wong does not focus on memorizing answers. Instead, he teaches answering technique and skills to recognize question types. Mr Wong also never fails to help out when I have any questions and always helps me to understand the answer thoroughly. Classes are interactive allowing us to understand the answers or notes better. Mr Wong has helped me tremendously since J1 by gradually pulling my grades up from E to finally, A.
Thanks Mr Wong!