Principal Chemistry Tutor, MY CHEM CAFE®

Mr Jacky Wong, Chemistry Specialist

A highly sought after ex-MOE JC Chemistry teacher, who is equipped with both a Master of Science (NTU) and Bachelor of Science (NUS) together with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), specialising in Chemistry. Under his tutelage, more than 95% achieved at least a 2 grade jump. Mr Jacky Wong has more than 15 years’ experience of teaching and tutoring Chemistry, having taught in JC, NUS High School of Math and Science and one of the top International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. Over the years of teaching, he had mastered the knowledge and skills in working with students of varied learning abilities, from the average student to the high ability ones, to maximise their individual potential in their quest for excellence in learning Chemistry!

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Latest: Registration for JC1 and JC2 2022 classes start now!

In view of the latest announcement by MOE on 16 May (Sunday), all classes would be conducted fully online!

The Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF) announced on 20 November 2021 that we will exit
the Stabilisation Phase and enter a Transition Phase from 22 November 2021. To better support the learning needs of our students, they are given the option to have the lesson either on-site or online. You can refer to SAFE MANAGEMENT MEASURES FOR PRIVATE TUITION AND ENRICHMENT IN STABLISATION PHASE for more information.
For the safety and health of all students, safe management measures (including TraceTogether-only SafeEntry) would be put in place. All on-site classes are conducted with social distancing applied & personal hygiene followed! Classroom is equipped with air purifier and frequently sanitised. Please email us at or Whatsapp/SMS at 9791 0388 to find out more and reserve a slot today. No deposit or registration fee needed!
JC1 & JC2 H2 Chemistry Classes 2022

Mode of delivery: Onsite or Online
Venue: Royal Square at Novena or Bishan Central
JC1 classes starting in Feb 2022!
Registration for JC1 2022 classes starts now!
*Sign up Now to enjoy priority booking for time slots in 2022
Call/What's app to 97910388 or click below to find out more!

IB Higher Level (HL) Chem Classes 2022

Mode of delivery: Onsite or Online
Venue: Royal Square at Novena
IB5 class starts in Feb 2022!
Registration starts now!
*Sign up Now to enjoy priority booking for time slots in 2022
Call/What's app to 97910388 or click below to find out more!

'O' Level Chemistry Class 2022 (NEW)

Lessons starting in late Jan/Feb 2022
Mode of delivery: On-site or online
Venue: Royal Square at Novena (NEW)
Fees: *$280 for every 4 lessons of 1 hour 30 mins each
*Limited seats available! Book Your Seat Now!
Call/What's app 97910388 or click below to find out more!

CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS or please contact Mr Jacky Wong at 97910388 should you require more information

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Chemistry Tuition at MY CHEM CAFE®


High Quality Yet Affordable

We strive to provide a high quality yet affordable Chemistry tuition to any student with a desire to excel in Chemistry. Concise notes capturing the essence of each topic are specially and carefully crafted by Mr Wong himself based on his wealth of experience in teaching Chemistry at various levels for over 15 years. Key concepts are highlighted and well thought out to facilitate student’s learning and understanding.

Up-To-Date Syllabus

At MY CHEM CAFE®, teaching and learning of Chemistry stays relevant and up-to-date. Mr Wong constantly updates himself with the latest trend and development in the Chemistry syllabus so as to gain first-hand knowledge of any changes in the questioning style and format of various levels' examinations.

Revision Courses And Workshops

To prepare students well for any upcoming major assessments such as promotional, preliminary, 'O'/'A'/IB Level examinations, a series of intensive revision courses and workshops would be conducted prior to examinations. Past year questions from different levels and schools' prelim exams are specially compiled and given in advance for students' practice and subsequent discussion in classes.

Free Consultation cum ``Clinic``

Besides Chemistry tuition, MY CHEM CAFE® also provides free 1-to-1 consultation before or after each class. In addition, chemistry ``clinics`` would be held during selected days and timing on an appointment basis with Mr Wong. We understand that students need the extra time after lesson hours to clarify and consolidate knowledge learned.

Discussion Groups

To ensure that learning continues even after class hours, MY CHEM CAFE® makes use of ``WhatsApp`` chat groups. Mr Wong is a firm believer of collaborative learning, especially in a group chemistry tuition setting. Group chats are created and administered by Mr Wong for posting of questions and sharing of answers among students from different schools.

Chemistry Comes 'ALIVE' with Practical Demonstrations

MY CHEM CAFE® understands the dynamics of a class and employs a variety of teaching techniques to engage students of different learning styles and scaffold their learning. We also complement our theory sessions with practical demonstration to prepare you for practical examination. In addition, with Mr Wong's vast experience and passion in science research and development, the learning of Chemistry can never be more enjoyable than to be able to relate concepts learnt to real-life applications!

MY CHEM CAFE® provides a cosy and conducive learning environment for students and is open for studying during examination preparation period.

Join us today to make that difference in your grade!

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