1 to 1 Home 'O'/'A'/IB Levels Chemistry

MY CHEM CAFE® also provides ‘O’/’A’/IB Levels Chemistry tuition to students in the comfort of their homes via online video conferencing or face-to-face in view of the current situation (subjected to availability of tutor).

1 to 1 Chemistry tuition may be suitable for students who:

(a) prefer to have customised individual attention in order to learn better
(b) want to save time spent on travelling
(c) have adequate financial means
(d) have a keen interest in Chemistry and want to learn more beyond classroom teaching

1 to 1 Chemistry with MY CHEM CAFE® is normally conducted on a regular weekly basis. However, for students who wish to have chemistry tuition at home but find the fee prohibitive, they can form a small group (max of 3 students) to share costs. In the event that they have difficulty forming a group, they can opt to have tuition on a fortnightly basis.

Please call 97910388 (Mr Wong) to enquire on the timing and rates.

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