At MY CHEM CAFE, we do not just offer crash course such as holiday intensive programme, as we believe that most students need time to assimilate knowledge they learn. Hence, this programme is specially formulated and catered for current JC1 students who wish to strengthen their foundation and deepen their understanding on key JC1 topics, while at the same time, prepare themselves ahead for JC2. It would be conducted on a topical basis in the month of December 2023.

Key objectives of the programme:

  1. To reinforce concepts learnt in JC1 so as to prepare themselves better for the common tests in JC2 where they would be tested on these topics (but schools would only revisit these topics nearing JC2 preliminary examination)
  2. To give current JC 1 students a headstart for JC2 syllabus so that they are better prepared when term starts in Jan 2024
  3. To help students who did not perform well in their promotional examinations and may be required to re-take the examination in order to be promoted to JC2

Overview of the programme

The revision consists of a series of specially curated topical revision sessions fully taught by Mr Jacky Wong. It consists of mainly Physical Chemistry topics that most students face difficulties in such as Chemical Bonding, Chemical Energetics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics in addition to JC2 topics consisting of Organic Chemistry such as Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbons (alkanes, alkenes and arenes) and Halogen derivatives. Specially compiled sets of questions of varying levels of difficulty and concise handouts for practice and discussion would be provided for every session.

Key features of the programme

Even though the focus of the revision is mainly on the common topics taught across most JCs, we do provide additional support for students from some JCs who may need help in selected topic via our complimentary online lesson. In addition, free extra sessions can be arranged for common topics of concern and students have unlimited access to consultation via what’s app/pre-arranged face to face consultation. Other than reinforcing key concepts learnt, examination answering techniques would also be taught in class. One of the key factors in getting a good grade in Chemistry lies not just in how well students know the subject but what the examiners require in an answer, knowing this can help students in sound time management for the papers.

Jacky Wong @ My Chem Café

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