About Mr. Wong

Mr Wong graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from NUS and obtained his Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching from the National Institute of Education prior to joining the teaching service. His love for teaching and learning motivated him to pursue and obtain his Master of Science (specialization in Chemistry) from NTU. Mr Wong has more than 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience, both in JCs and at a renowned independent school that specializes in Math and Science education. Over his years of teaching, he has mastered the knowledge and skills in teaching students with varied learning abilities, from the average JC student to the high ability ones.

His ability to make complex concepts easy to understand and relevant to real-life has enabled him to be an effective and engaging teacher. Besides teaching Chemistry at the ‘A’ level, Mr Wong was also involved in the selection and training of exceptionally talented students for Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) for upper secondary students, Singapore Chemistry Olympiad (SChO) and International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) for junior college students. Many of his students have won medals and top awards at both the national and international levels. Mr Wong strongly believes in scaffolding students’ learning through differentiated problem solving.

In his many years as a JC lecturer, he has assumed various key appointments. He was the Senior Subject Supervisor, Subject Supervisor for ‘A’ Level Science Practical Examinations (before School based Practical Assessment, i.e. SPA, was implemented). He was also the coordinator for the JC2 Chemistry unit and science enrichment programmes. In addition, he was an Assistant Head (Research) and one of the key drivers for various science research programmes while teaching in the Math and Science school. Many students under his mentorship in science research projects have won awards in national level science competitions such as the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF). With his vast experience in research, Mr Wong is able to relate and link theory to practical applications and hence make learning more authentic and meaningful.

With his wealth of full-time teaching experience and tutoring of students from top institutions, Mr Wong is confident that he can work with students to maximise their fullest potential. With his guidance, the student would eventually acquire the skill set much needed in tackling increasingly challenging and difficult questions in ‘O’/‘A’/’IB’ Level Chemistry nowadays, paving a solid foundation for their current studies and beyond.


“If your answer is any of the above, MY CHEM CAFE® is the place to make Chemistry rock for you!”

Chemistry is also known as the “Central Science”. The study of Chemistry at a higher level such as ‘A’/IB requires a different skill set and approach from secondary level. At the post-secondary level, students encountered more complex topics and hence require a thorough understanding of concepts to be able to do well. Hence, students must develop the ability to break down a complex problem into simpler parts.

At MY CHEM CAFE®, we aspire to equip our students with the ability to A.C.E. their Chemistry:

  • Apply chemistry concepts with confidence

  • Connect theory with real-life applications

  • Extend and excel in learning Chemistry